STATS – Day: 9 | Distance: 1,823.4 miles | Location: Sandpoint, Idaho|

Money Spent To Date-Gas: $148.24| Food: $100.44| Play/Misc: $85 | Lodging $89.49

Sometimes events happen that creates a shift in my adventure. Just such a shift has me staying at the Yaak River Campground across the border, just outside of Troy, Montana for 6 days. My car Lucy took a rock to her windshield resulting in a long crack right through the driver’s side viewpoint. Way too dangerous to go un-repaired when I still have 4+weeks of travel ahead of me.

Sandpoint, Idaho has repair shops, for which I am very grateful. The July 4th holiday has them all closed down until Wednesday and I am hoping one of them will be able to replace my windshield by Friday. The holiday also booked up all the campgrounds within a 40-miles radius.

I ended up spending the first night in a Walmart parking lot. I wasn’t too disappointed because it was my first Walmart camping experience! It is good for a random stop here and there. Yesterday I expanded my search and found Yaak River Campground. I paid for 3-nights to start and can add on days as needed. It feels good to have a place for my tent, a fire pit for food, and a picnic table that I can use to prop-up my swollen ankle from a sprain I received earlier. The swelling is taking its own sweet time and I’m choosing easier hikes while it heals.

Shifts are little reminders to go more slowly, enjoy my surroundings, and appreciate all things.

“Relax, everything is running right on schedule.” – The Universe


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