I left Reno on a better note than this morning after meeting “The Naturalist”. Positive vibes prevailed on my walk back to my car. I saw all these fantastic rock bunnies nestled in the grass. It was a bunny explosion! I started snapping photos and then I met the incredible man responsible. His name is Cyrus, also known as the “Reno Hobo”. I sat and talked with him for about a half hour. He is a gem!


For Cyrus, the term “Hobo” not only means that he’s a traveling worker, it also represents his mission – Helping Other Brothers Out! His bolted rock art is for sale, but the proceeds are not paid to him. Instead he asks that you use that money to help someone in need. It’s his way of paying it forward.

So how does he make money? He lives a simple lifestyle in a camper that is parked along the river-walk and receives money from donations left during his art walk. He stacks rocks in interesting ways that represent people and animals – creating magic from found materials. Thursday thru Monday he builds new hidden treasures every morning and takes them apart each night. He says that we all need more happiness in our lives and this is his way of bringing a bit more into the world. Gotta love peeps spreading positivity and happiness!

Collage made from photos by “ThisIsReno”

11/21/16 @ 1:30 am – Alturas, CA
Miles: 2309

Brrrr is it cold. The roads in Lassen National Volcanic Park were closed due to weather, so I changed direction and chose a route entering Oregon a little more east than I’ve traveled previously.

I stopped in Alturas for the night and found an abandoned gas station to camp. I woke up to a temperature of 27 degrees. I re-bundled myself and cracked open a couple extra charcoal heating packs to stick to the blanket and help me warm up.

11/21/2016 @ 5:19am

Woke up again cold. The heat packs must have worn out. Plus I have to pee bad. I put on a cotton parka and pulled my “SheWee” from my glove box. A SheWee is a wonderful invention that allows ladies to pee standing up! No more pulling your pants to your ankles and squatting. I pee’d standing right next to my car as the heater was defrosting the windows and getting it all nice and toasty for my early morning drive!

Shocker, had snow for most of my drive, it was beautiful and I’m stopping constantly to take photos. Still, in the back of my head, I’m hoping I’ll be past the snow by the time I need to camp for the night. Positive WARM thoughts!

11/22/2016 @1pm
Eagle Point, OR
Miles 2609

Never, never, NEVER sleep in the parking lot at McDonald’s. I thought it would be a good idea to be close to a bathroom and could wash my face, brush my teeth and change into new clothes with ease.

I parked away from the drive thru thinking that would cut down on the noise. What I didn’t expect was how many truckers came through at all hours and needed to park right next to me since they couldn’t come through the drive thru. And I didn’t plan on all the loud quarrels that took place outside McDonald’s, even when it was closed. I felt like opening my door and yelling “go argue at 7-11!”.

I can’t complain too much because the universe was really looking out for me. My car Lucy got a flat, a un-repairable massive hole in the tire type of flat. Lucky for me it deflated while I was sitting in a parking lot and not while I was on the road. Also lucky for me I was two miles from a Les Schwab, a company that I bought my new tires from just two months before. So I was able to have them replace the damaged tire with no cost to me. Yay! No harm to me, to Lucy or to my wallet! The last bit of my trip took me through some fantastic farmlands. A great ending to another adventure!

Trip Stats: Total Days 14. Total Miles 2839
Total Expenses: $214.85/transportation; $90.15/food; $108/stay; $42/play
Avg. $32/day

Every Day Is An Adventure!

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