Reno, Nevada – 2026 miles:

After car camping in the parking garage of a local hospital, I decided to check out Idle Park and take a nice long walk along the park’s Riverside towards the casino area of Reno (it’s 8am).

A man in his late 40s to mid 50s, is walk/jogging with his two dogs. Stocky, bald, descent looking with a friendly face. I greet him with a smile and a “good morning” acknowledgment, like I do to nearly everyone I pass. He stops to compliment me on my outfit. I’m in my black pants, flower dress, butterfly scarf, yellow jacket, black cadet hat and sunglasses. The same clothes I’ve been wearing for four days now.

Yes, it’s time to put on a new set of clothes.

I said “thank you” and he asked if I was a local and would like to grab coffee. Now I’ve been to 14 countries and have met the most amazing people and I thought what a great opportunity to meet a local from Reno, learn about his life, and hear fantastic stories.

I say “sure, sounds great”, he says “really?” And I say “yeah”.

He then goes on to explain he lives in a condo downtown (I thought we were practically “downtown” already). He says that he’s a Naturalist, which means he’s nude most of the time and if that would bother me. I said that his lifestyle was his own, but that I would prefer he not be nude during coffee.

Then he smiled at me and said, “okay, that would be after (wink)…”

Ding, Ding, Ding.

After an internal eye-roll, I wished him a good day and continued walking. He wished the same to me.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no issues with Naturalists. I’ve known many in my lifetime and I know they don’t require anyone to be naked with them and are perfectly comfortable being clothed when in the company of non-Naturalists.

I also admire people who can be comfortable in nakedness. Body shaming has run rampant for far too long. It is something I work on daily. An acceptance of self and the magnificence of my flaws.

If he was alluding to sex, which is how I took his response, I also have no issue with using one’s body for consensual gratification or profit. We all sell ourselves for goods and services daily. It’s called employment. Whether it is above the table, under the table or on the table, it is all the same.

What I do have issue with is couching ulterior motives. Just say “I’m horney and want to fuck” or “I’m lonely and want you to hold me and nothing more” or “you seem like a cool person, let’s grab coffee and learn about each other”.

At least his agenda was revealed through our conversation and I was able to bypass a situation before it became too difficult.

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