Story of Perspective

I’m driving to my friend’s house for a lovely rooftop party. I have my GPS navigating my way and it alerts me that I need to turn at the next light.

Of course, I’m in the wrong lane and a car is next to me, probably making their way home after a long day at work.

Not wanting to crowd them, I slowed down and put on my turn signal to scoot in behind them, and make the turn successfully in a beautiful orchestrated rhythm.

They must have thought I was trying to move in ahead of them, so they slowed down to let me in, being nice thoughtful kind drivers, but I had already slowed to try to get behind them.

So here we are, two very nice, kind and considerate humans, doing exactly the opposite of what each of us is trying to accomplish.

Next is a blaring of their horn, to get me to MOVE with the thought of “Sheesh, I’m letting you in, Jerk!!!” And me PUNCHING the gas to shoot into the tiny sliver of space left in front of them thinking “Sheesh, I was waiting for you patiently, Ass!!!”

Two HUMANS each trying to do something good. Not understanding the “PERSPECTIVE” of the other, and as a result, being angry and upset, instead of appreciating.

Yet we wonder how things more complicated

than making a turn in a vehicle

can get so ugly.

And even harder is to try to See, Learn, and Understand another perspective. It can feel incomprehensible. It’s easier to only see our own and throw stones at those who don’t agree. Many perspectives I will never be able to understand fully, because I haven’t walked in those shoes. And how many shoes do we own and carry with us? That doesn’t mean I don’t continue to try to understand, to love, to treat with respect and appreciate.

The only person who I see as my enemyIs Me.

Our enemy is our-self and that of which we hate and want to hurt is ALSO our-self.

We are shooting, yelling obscenities, blowing up and spreading rumors that are hurting us. Our body is beaten and bloody. Our energy is depleted. Our death is imminent, slow and painful. 

We are the only one who can save our-self. I am the only one who can save me, and that “me” can save the “we”.

We All Are One

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6 thoughts on “#TruthIsPerspective

  1. This is your best piece yet, Piper. And I think I understand the merge scenario perfectly, assuming that it was my rooftop party you were on your way too! Miss you!

    Liked by 1 person

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