STATS – Day: 85 | Distance: 12,243.6 miles | Location: Istanbul, Turkey | Money Spent To Date – Transportation: $1,133.80 (includes airfares) | Food: $354.21 | Stay: $404.89 | Play: $224.50

I’m spending the day in Belgrad Ormanı, a massive forest located in Istanbul. The trees grow straight and stand proud as I walk among them admiring their beauty, listening to them talk as the wind rustling their leaves.

I could spend a whole week sitting here. The peacefulness washes over me and the tension of city life is left far behind.

I have a serious conversation with the branches, sticks and twigs. Because on some of my past adventures, a few have asked to come along, and it’s hard to refuse when the universe talks to you.

DSC_1448This time I explained that I can’t bring anyone on my adventure back to the U.S. The trees start to reason with me about the beauty of Oregon, and how everything is so green there. I can’t argue, it is. But I stand firm. I tell them the story of Randy and Mabel #TheStory and they are silent.

I see trash that humans have left behind after their excursions to the forest and I deeply apologize for the neglect. Although some humans might litter on purpose, I know many others don’t understand how actually “alive” the forest is and the care and appreciation it needs. To them the forest is to be used, like a product, such as a bottle of lotion. Now that I’m thinking about it, the bottle of lotion is probably alive as well. It has simply changed from one form or forms into another, but alive all the same.

I am going to start giving more care and appreciation to the bottles of lotion.

I bet the trees must get a real chuckle when humans carve their undying, eternal love into a tree. For there is no contest between the length of any human relationship, to the life of a tree.

“Advice from a Tree: Stand Tall & Proud, Sink Your Roots into the Earth,
Be Content with Your Natural Beauty, Go Out on a Limb, Drink Plenty of Water,
Remember Your Roots, Enjoy the View.” – Ilan Shamir

HUG a tree, they need love just like we do.

Great video: #WeNeedMoreHenrys – Young emotional environmentalist

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