I just finished my taxes. Ugh, how can one thing be such a pain to do? A yearly process that spawned a whole industry of “tax preparation”!

Why can’t legal documents just be written in plain simple words?

I am constantly holding my breath thinking that I did something wrong. Which is usually the case. I try to at least have my errors be minimal and fixable with an amended form or corrected checkbox. This year was especially trying with the sale of the house, moving states, various types of income, and endless thrift store charity donations. I’m glad it is DONE!

Now I’m on to the next thing I need to complete before my grand adventure to Turkey. A living will/advance directive to help ensure that IF something happens to me, that I won’t be put on feeding tubes or life support. It seems easy in one sense, “just appoint someone who will stay HELL NO”, but it isn’t that easy. It is a huge burden and responsibility for the person I appoint. I don’t want my family to have to go through that, I don’t want my friends either. And yet I need someone I can trust and count on, so if not friend or family, then who? It has to be them. Ugh.

I “should” have had this in place a long time ago. I’m doing it now.

I don’t like thinking about my own demise. It feels like just the act of saying the words, or filling out the document, or finding the right people to act as my healthcare representative will make it all ACTUALLY HAPPEN. I feel like I’m signing an authority to allow me to die.

Yes, I’m going to die and that could be even today, with or without this piece of paper. I believe that death, for this life, is certain, I started dying the moment I was born. It is up to me to make this life meaningful, however I decide to define it. I feel pretty good about what I’ve done so far. Risk is always involved in living our dreams.

I can’t believe how heavy this is weighing on me!

Death is never easy to deal with, regardless of if it’s a plan for oneself or dealing with the aftermath of another.

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” – Norman Cousins

Resource for planning “It’s OK to die

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5 thoughts on “#Death&Taxes

  1. Take a deep breath and go with the flow. The universe is not about to implode and the government is somewhat understanding to occasional errors.

    All I can say and encourage is to have a good advocate who does not wither. I am not good with allowing medical professional to recommend end of life for critical care. I have had too many experiences when I have been told it is time to let the person go. My Mom, my sister and my brother-in-law survived beyond doctor’s life expectancy. In my mother’s case, it was a decade long battle mostly related to her age. Advising me she has “lived a good life and it is time to let her go,” was ill-served as my mother clearly wanted to live and did live longer.

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  2. Hey Piper, you’re right, it’s absolutely scary to think about your own mortality, especially when you’ve been enjoying life so much these past several months. But you’re doing the right thing, painful as it may be. Once you’re done pushing all that paperwork, get back to livin’ the dream and you’ll be A-OK.

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