I’m planning my next whirlwind adventure and the stress was really getting to me. I was FEARful of all the unknowns and then I remembered a quote from “The Alchemist”, something about “the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”. So I do something that is very common for me….I pull the trigger, I rip off that Band-Aid, I jump in with both feet.

I bought all my plane tickets. Non-refundable.

It is crazy how the mind works. As soon as I bought each ticket, stress started leaving my body and anxiety was replaced with excitement. Like Magic!

This might be confusing because I say “all my plane tickets” – plural. Yes, plural…ticket-s.

I’m going to Istanbul as my ultimate destination, but airline tickets are much more inexpensive from Washington, DC than Portland, OR and I need to be in Washington, DC in June anyway, so why not use that flight to book-end my Istanbul trip. WIN-WIN. Also, I had promised to visit my fantastic friend Rhonda in the Netherlands this year and I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to get over to Switzerland to visit my cousin Bryce and his awesome family. Flights from Istanbul were crazy reasonable. I’m talking $225 total for a 3-way flight from Istanbul to Brussels (closest airport to Rhonda) to Geneva and back to Istanbul! So why not do it all?!! Yep….ALL IN.

I have a book called “501 Must-See Cities” that I use to mark places that I’ve been. I travel to many cities that are not on the list and when I come across one that “should” be in the book, I add it. I figure when I make it to all the cities in the book then I’ll consider myself an accomplished traveler.

Now that my tickets are purchased, my real research begins. What do I want to do, see, experience? I want to see what each city is known for. I love “discovering” so I usually don’t keep a long list, maybe one or two places for each city and then…


Because wandering is the BEST! I have SO MANY adventures and meet SO MANY interesting people when I wander.

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”  ― Roman Payne, The Wanderess    

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5 thoughts on “#PullingTheTrigger

  1. Wow, you really scored on the airline tickets! Raymond loved Istanbul and all the different food he ate. Keep sharing your adventures. So excited for you. Many blessing & love.

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