For the last 3 days I’ve put myself under house arrest – no going, no doing, no talking, no supportive listening, no helping, no driving, and no interacting. What brought this on? Why wouldn’t I want to go, do, help? Because I’ve been doing all those things non-stop since I arrived in Oregon and I’ve completely worn myself out! Pockets of solitude is what I NEED for my life. Although I love all those things I’ve just spent 3-days avoiding, it drains my energy and I need solitude to get my mojo back. Since I wasn’t doing a good job at setting boundaries for myself and using that beautiful word “No”, I finally hit my wall.

Even my wall doesn’t use the word “No” as much as it needs to.

And here we are, my first day back among the living, self-pep talk given and newly dedicated to setting aside time each day for solitude. Today it was going for a walk in the forest where I foraged for wild edibles that would add sparkle to my next meal – clover, dead nettle, pine and dandelion. It was a relaxed meandering, not a hunt. A walk by myself in nature what the goal.

So what did I “do” while I was under house arrest? How did I spend my time of solitude? Why in utter succulence of course! I slept in AND took long naps, I read books that made me laugh and listened to music that made me fall in love. I drank red wine and cooked for myself in a slow, meditative way – smelling, feeling and tasting each ingredient as I went. I drank Pu-erh aged tea from my antique daffodil teacup. I ate vanilla ice cream with spices like cardamom and chocolate chili or lemon balsamic vinegar mixed in. I smoked Turkish tobacco from my hookah, I looked at old photo albums and travel journals reliving past memories and adventures. I colored and painted. I looked appreciatively at the sunny yellow cottage I’m lucky enough to be living in.

I spent time with myself.

Yes, yes not everyone can take 3-days to escape from the world, not everyone would even want to. However, I believe that we all want some time just for us. True? And that even if you have children, pets, a spouse, a powerfully important career, absolutely no money, or health issues – you can find time, if you wanted to, for yourself. Even 15-minutes at the beginning and/or end of the day. Or even better, build many moments throughout each day.

YOU are important.

Ways of taking time for yourself are unlimited – sitting still and daydreaming, taking a walk and enjoying the beauty around you, coloring in a color book, reading, eating at your favorite restaurant and experiencing each moment rather than simply shoveling food in your mouth, buying yourself flowers, cooking or baking, taking a nap, taking a bath….anything that creates a refreshed YOU.


“Solitude is the soul’s holiday, an opportunity to stop doing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead.” —  Katrina Kenison

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6 thoughts on “#Solitude

  1. Hey Piper,

    Great to see an update from you. Sounds like you are really getting settled in out there. I’m sending good vibes for your job search. Hang in there and keep us posted!

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  2. You can’t learn to connect with people if you can’t learn to disconnect first. Happy that you found some solitude in the midst of everyone … What you need to re-energize and see the world again with your own eyes … Wise and wonderful always Piper.


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