I’ve been asked about the many lessons or “my truths” I’ve learned on my journey across the US and Canada. I am definitely not the same person who started this journey. I am changed. I know more about myself and what is important for my life. So many lessons. Enjoy!

  • God is not a person, not man or woman or human, but instead an energy that flows through and becomes part of every living thing whether it be animal, water, plant, or rock. We are all connected.


  • Humans are not at the top of the food chain, I am simply another animal among animals.



  • Question when life gets “comfortable”. The best project I can work on is myself. #LivingForHappiness


  • I am right here, right now, because of every decision I have made.


  • Real conversations are possible with animals, rocks, trees, flowers…the universe. #TheStory


  • A way to ensure that my future is better is to make changes for my today to be better. #TrashOrTreasure


  • Words are powerful.




  • Don’t just give to get, just GIVE.


  • Don’t believe everything I think. Recognize that I am part of the problem with this world. Own my responsibility. #TrashOrTreasure






  • Let go of the remorse of what I haven’t seen and relish in what I have. #AdventuresCollide




  • Remember the rules of identifying poison oak/ivy (leaves of 3 AND uneven sides).



  • Antibacterial soap can be used as body wash, shampoo, dish soap, and laundry soap.

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