MY FINAL STATS – Total Days: 125 | Total Distance: 14,535.3 miles | Location: North Bend, Oregon | Total Money Spent – Gas: $1,621.62| Food: $1,657.10 | Play/Misc: $699.41| Lodging $1,979.02

I’m in North Bend, Oregon…..my destination! I MADE IT!!! I’m staying in a little cottage that is literally 6-feet away from my best friend Heather.

My New Perch!

I’m so glad we are not limited to ONE DREAM. We can fulfill as many as we desire. I have so many ideas and dreams continuing to swim around in my head including living aboard for a while. Right now I’m taking the time to relax and enjoy my recent accomplishment.

I’m desperately trying not to rush ahead. It is SO DIFFICULT. I feel like a bundle of nerves and I just want to get moving. Still practicing PATIENCE. I waited to write this blog because I wanted to let my accomplishment sink in. It hasn’t. I think I’m still in shock or something. I can’t believe I actually traveled for 125 days experiencing 23 states, 4 provinces, 3 seasons and kept it all under budget!

My family is so happy to have me near. They tell me how proud they are of me. It warms my heart. I’m proud of myself too. I feel like doing a little strut and have these bubbles of excitement swirl all around me. Then I feel guilty for even wanting to strut, like I shouldn’t, like it isn’t “what one does”….  I say heck with it!


Puff Up My Chest! Smile Ear-to-Ear with One Eyebrow Raised!



This journey took a good deal of guts AND planning, and then constant monitoring, estimating, projecting, comparing and adjusting along the way. I kept a log book of every expense and categorized it.

I was about $500 to the good and was happy about having some wiggle room, and then I got a speeding ticket and my “slush fund” was slashed in half. OUCH! On a journey unexpected bumps, pitfalls and scrapes are going to happen, the test is how one reacts and keeps on rolling.

My experience NOW is to be present and enjoy each moment with my family and friends, to keep my heart open, to help my community, to put all those lessons I’ve learned on my journey into daily practice.

“Be PROUD of every step you take.”

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6 thoughts on “#BeProud

  1. What a cool accomplishment! Glad I got to see you on your journey and looking forward to your next adventure. You are one-of-a-kind Pipes…you deserve to puff your chest out! 🙂


  2. Hey, you made it. We really enjoyed coming along for the ride, Piper. It must be great to finally settle into your new spot. Hope you are enjoying the holidays and staying in one place for a while. Congratulations!


  3. Glad to hear that you made it in one piece, not that I ever doubt it (maybe a little). I am living through you as I battle beltway traffic and I say to myself one day…one day but then I come home and look at my bills and back to work next day. But I will be out there with my wife travelling as you have but with a lot less planning . You know me. Enjoy this great time and miss you and love you.

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