STATS – Day: 124 | Distance: 14,325.9 miles | Location: Silverton, Oregon | Money Spent To Date – Gas: $1,621.62| Food: $1,657.10 | Play/Misc: $699.41| Lodging $1,979.02

Today I visit my Cousin Cassie’s grave at Bethany Pioneer Cemetery. So many emotions happening here for me – Sadness, Guilt, Frustration, Anger, Happiness, Wistfulness, Nostalgia and Gratitude.


Acknowledging and Expressing Appreciation for What One Has


For it was the tragic murder of my cousin that became a catalyst for me being right here, right now, on this magnificent journey, chasing my own dreams, realizing that tomorrow is promised to no one, to act and create my own happiness. Such personal beauty from another’s awful tragedy. It seems so unfair and I am eternally grateful. I feel Cassie smiling on me in her wonderful way, full of love and encouragement. I cry uncontrollably and let the tears fall freely, feeling every warm drop and the emotion that comes with it.

Cassie was chasing her dream, creating her own personal happiness, showing that it doesn’t matter when you start or how long it takes, or even as in Cassie’s case, was stopped suddenly short. It only matters that you begin and continue to more toward those dreams, one step at a time. I believe her soul is still moving towards that dream, and is accomplishing it through so many others.

Love Deeply * Make Good Choices * Chase Your Dreams

Gratitude – Psychology Today

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5 thoughts on “#Gratitude

  1. I love your travels….and so sorry for the loss of your cousin. I know how wonderful it must be to be with family and back in Oregon….keep us posted on your journey!
    Miss you!!!

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