STATS – Day: 84 | Distance: 9365 miles | Location: Greenwood Village, CO | Money Spent To Date – Gas: $1,013.12| Food: $1,136.38 | Play/Misc: $438.48 | Lodging $1,350.51

I am a junk-monger.  My car “Lucy”, my trusted steed, has become a beautiful disaster.

I totally and completely understand now why wanderers have so much “junk” with them.  They use everything! It’s been a fascinating transition for me to start seeing “trash” as resource – something that can be re-used, re-purposed or turned into fuel for my camp fires.

My “Room Of Possibilities”

I can hear my friends saying kindly “Um Hello!  Piper you have ALWAYS been a trash monger!” Anyone who had seen the craft room at my former house can attest to that.  I’m an artist and I tend to see nearly everything as something used for Art.  The transition I’m in now is different. I see trash as a resource for survival.

I have the SAME Starbucks cup (yes, the paper cup) since I started my journey. When I need to use the Starbuck’s WiFi, I take my cup in, fill it up and settle at a table to get caught up on emails, pay bills, complete contract work, update Facebook, or write my blog. The cup hasn’t fallen apart! I figure when it actually does go to Coffee Cup Heaven I’ll use it as starter fuel for my next campfire.



I think in all my days on the road so far I’ve “maybe” thrown away a small grocery bag full of trash – mainly plastic wrappers. Everything else I re-use. I bought some raspberries in a plastic pint container that I continue to use as a strainer to rinse other fruit when I buy them from a roadside market. I re-use little snack baggies that I packed my trail mix in to store countless items like loose change, a squeeze of sunscreen so I don’t carry the whole tube or vitamins. I save the wax from Babybell cheese and make candles or fire starters for camp.  I smash up banana peels and apple cores and spread them out in fields to feed the grass and trees.  I DRY OUT MY PAPER NAPKINS!!!! What is wrong with me?! I can’t help it.

I think it is totally AWESOME!

I plan to keep a crate of “reusables” with me in the car all the time going forward to keep this kind of mind-ful-ness going and continue to increase my waste-less-ness once I’m in Oregon and static for a few months. #GiveMoreWasteLess

The earth is what we all have in common. – Wendell Barry

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