STATS – Day: 69 | Distance: 8003.8 miles | Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan | Money Spent To Date – Gas: $832.70 | Food: $989.37 | Play/Misc: $344.73 | Lodging $960.11

Woohoo! 8000 miles on the road! I can’t believe how much I’ve been enjoying my time alone, okay not quite ALONE since I’ve been staying with people that I either know or complete strangers, but completely dependent upon only myself. That’s a better way to put it. Self-Dependent! It’s been exciting driving from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan because my GPS doesn’t have the Canada maps and so I looked up directions ahead of time and took screen shots from my phone. Yes, it’s a straight shot…but not door-to-door. Don’t steal my thunder!

Shasi, a wonderful wise friend of mine, wrote an email of encouragement after my last blog #SelfishGoodness, saying how happy she was that I’ve found my enlightenment early in life. That some people go their entire life not realizing what is important. Nothing is selfish in that. She explained that in her culture there is a stage in life when you leave the family and worldly possessions behind in search of self.

How absolutely beautiful is that!

Medicine Walk Gathering
Medicine Walk Gathering

Her words rang again in my mind while I was in Winnipeg and had come upon a “Grandmother’s Medicine Walk”, started by the Aboriginal First Peoples of the Nations in Manitoba to raise awareness on injustice in the child services system AND to bring back the importance of the Grandmother’s role as the power center of the tribe. That got me thinking about wisdom and the transition of becoming a crone. What an amazing blessing!

I think I’ve always wanted to become a crone, the hag of winter, the wise one, a weaver of universal energies – letting go of a need to interact with society and conform to its requirements.

Free To Be Completely Our-self!

Although age 60 is usually the age associated with the crone, preparation starts earlier, and the path is different for everyone. I believe this journey I’m on right now is preparing me for the gifts. I’m learning how to be alone. How to thrive in my alone-ness, which is something I see as totally separate from loneliness.

I’m so excited to see how I continue to change as I reach age 50, then age 60, and again at 70. I have been blessed to have many women and men in my circle who are at these ages and openly share their wisdoms with me. I have noticed that I listen and take to heart their teachings. My wisdom grows in acknowledging the important lessons I have yet to learn.

The earth is my body; my head is in the stars.” – Maude from “Harold and Maude”

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3 thoughts on “#GloriousWisdom

  1. May each day bring you more wisdom 🙂 May each mile traveled bring you closer to happiness. May each word written bring you nearer to self-fulfillment.


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