STATS – Day: 35 | Distance: 5365.5 miles | Location: Louisville, Kentucky| Money Spent To Date – Gas: $560.53| Food: $501.14| Play/Misc: $169.73 | Lodging $559.50

I’m in Louisville, KY for the next few weeks for my amazing cousin Vonnette‘s retirement parties. She’s retiring from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and yes, I said “PARTIES”…. Vonnette NEVER DOES ANYTHING lowkey.  She is the one person who can exhaust me 🙂

It was here, on my first day of arrival that I finally crossed over what I call “a bump in the road”, the not so fun stuff that life throws at you, to keep you on your toes and make sure you’re truly committed to whatever quest you are on, regardless of the scope.

This particular “bump” really felt more like riding over 40 miles of old cobblestone, on a bike!  My house I put up for sale back in May finally sold.  I mean ACTUALLY sold!  Money is in my account, sold!



Now I know, a lot of you reading this who don’t know me personally will think “Wow, that was really fast, I wouldn’t call this a ‘bump'”.  Those that know me personally are probably thinking “What are you talking about? You sold that house months ago?”  I KNOW!  I had 2 buyers before my first Open House, then a few more bites AT the Open House!  I picked the buyer with the easiest transition, the fewest contingencies, the most straight-forward offer.  Because after all, although I want to make a certain amount of profit, I’m not looking for the MOST money….I want to go on an adventure!  I want to leave.  Now!

All the Gods, Heavens, and Elements were smiling down on me, telling me “This is the RIGHT decision” to drastically change my life, leave dear sweet friends, leave security and the stuff I “know”, and head off to follow my DREAM.  To actually LIVE my DREAM!!!!  If you have ever read The Alchemist, this is called “beginner’s luck”….it doesn’t last.  And soon life throws stuff at you to make you second guess yourself, to possibly give up if you are not TRULY committed to living your DREAM.  Not many of us ever do.  Sometimes…even once we get there, we don’t feel worthy of the DREAM itself.

I’m going to get there dammit!

So when I got the call that the buyer fell through, my heart SANK!  I went to my favorite hookah bar, Zikreyat in Alexandria Virginia, and I smoked and gave myself a good ole PEP TALK.  I brushed off the dust of doubt, it was just a sprinkling anyway, and I looked at options – another mortgage payment but my build of vacation pay will cover that, my fabulous realtor Maggie can reach out to the other interested buyers, we can have another Open House – after all it had only been two weeks and time was on our side.  And we did, I had another buyer within about another two weeks.  I had to manage my expectations big time since I had such great luck with the first set of people throwing offers like it was bread at a duck pond.  I sweated a bit.

Okay, all is good.  I’ll still make my targeted leave date, all the stars are still in alignments.  Good to go!  NOT!

My Sweet Mya
My Sweet Mya

Then the next buyer’s financing fell through and wanted to extend the settlement date by two weeks.  Okay, should I stay or should I go.  Should I give this buyer another chance or should I start over again.  My house was empty, I had been sleeping on the floor, my sweetest kitty Mya had just died – she was going to be my rockin’ partner in crime on this adventure and is a whole other devastatingly heartbreaking “bump” that is more like a swelled LUMP that fills my entire body that I live with daily and grieve constantly.

I decide to go!  I’d stay one additional week and take care of all the other “bits” and pre-sign the settlement papers; I move into my wonderful friend Andi‘s house and am very thankful to have a bed once again.

I have a grand send-off!  Experiences full steam ahead!

Financing falls through AGAIN, settlement extension, ANOTHER mortgage payment (my paycheck separation anxiety increases), I electronically sign addendums while on the road.  I’m starting to think maybe the Gods aren’t so smiley.

My realtor Maggie emails me with the opening line of “okay, just breathe”.  I close the email.  I wait to read it as the boil of anger floods my body and threatens to break me apart.

Financing fell through AGAIN, why can’t people who can actually BUY a house put in an offer.  AND they didn’t get the settlement extension paperwork turned in.  They are in default of the contract.  Eye-Opener Alert: that only means something if you have the Time, Money and Energy to take them to court.  I don’t.  So that doesn’t mean JACK!  I make plans with Maggie to do ANOTHER Open House, I text my daughter’s fiancé to see if he’d help clean up the yard.  I took a deep sigh.  Yes, I cried.  Went for a long walk and imagined my house surrounded by white light.  Maggie said that I might want to consider coming back to Virginia.   NO!

Extension paperwork completed, I accepted it, new financing, new settlement date, wrote a check to pay my now late HOA fees for the next quarter.  Then it was extended again, this time we don’t even bother to put a date down, it rolls day by day by day.  Finally it looks like settlement will happen, I have to hold up in a park in Michigan with WiFi for the next 3-4 hours just incase I need to sign something. I do. Then I hear nothing.  Maggie says she “thinks” we’re good for me to continue traveling again.  I hear nothing for days.  I write Maggie and say the words with a tightness in my chest “did it not go?”, a few days later she said she thinks it did although neither or us have received final paperwork.  “It might take a few days for the money to hit the account.”

My first day in Kentucky and the money is there!  The sigh that escapes me feels like something ancient, that has been stored behind a secret wall and pressure has been released for the first time.  I don’t think I’ve taken a full breath until now.

On to the next “bump”…

“before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way.  It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream.” – The Alchemist

Need a realtor in the DC Metro Area?  Contact Maggie at maggie@bierteamhomes.com

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7 thoughts on “#BumpsInTheRoad

  1. Nothing feels better than potential realized. So happy you can continue on your adventures with lightness in your heart. I know you can sweet kitty Mya in your very soul. Sending you love and light.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I was holding my breath the entire time I was reading this post. If it had gone on a second longer I would have passed out! Whew!!!! Congratulation! Journey continues and life is good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Piper, I am so glad we finally got it all done! Thanks for the props! I could certainly use some more business right about now as I have started my adventure…I separated from Dave and moved into my own new place. BIG leap of faith when you are self employed!


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