STATS – Day: 11 | Distance: 1699 miles | Location: St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia | Money Spent To Date – Gas: $189.90| Food: $58.493| Play/Misc: $31.93 | Lodging $90.00

Let me just start by saying that gas in Canada is EXPENSIVE!  How do people drive anywhere?  Even after the exchange rate it is still almost a dollar more a gallon!

Gary charting our course for the day

I’m in the Bras d’Or Lakes area of Nova Scotia to meet up with a fellow adventurer, Gary Rubin.  Gary retired as Senior Vice President of Publishing at our former company.  He retired….to sail around the WORLD with his wife Torie.

Yes, my friends…the WORLD!!! 

He’s given the timespan of 10-years to do it. I’m here to get the scoop on how things are going and to see if he has any advice for me.

They have a 54-foot Hylas sailboat, and Gary explained it like this – “it’s like a city, you are responsible for your house, but also for all the water and electricity that goes into it. You get nothing from anyone else. Now take that city and repeatedly dunk it in salt water. That’s sailing.”

We sailed at about 8 knots, which is about 9.5 mph, in the lake and the rocking of the boat was turning me a little green. The boat tipped to one side and I was holding on for deal life!

Gary explaining what my pigtails would look like if the boat hits a power line.
Gary explaining what my pigtails would look like if the boat hits a power line.

Gary and Torie looked as relaxed as if they were sitting on a beach with a daiquiri in their hand.  Gary did get a bit nervous when we had to pass under some power lines, especially when all the guide books gave different information for clearance. Gary explained how my little Road ID necklace (containing emergency contact numbers and allergies) would melt right into my skin and would be no good if we hit a line….my stomach does extra flip flops.

The weather was foggy, cold and rainy and we still had a great time relaxing, telling stories, and discussing serious topics like what drinks we’ll be having for cocktail hour.  Torie would lay down for a nap and then Gary would be oh-so-helpful and start putting away dishes, clanging and banging.  I wonder if Torie ever gets to sleep.  Haha!

The new Captain! not!

Both Gary and Torie took time to explain how to chart a course, use radar to help navigate through the fog, what a good protected area to anchor looks like, how to flush the toilet, how to steer the boat to take full advantage of the wind.  All kinds of cool stuff.  I even got to steer for a while.  Sweaty Palms!

On Sunday evening we toasted to not having to go to work on Monday.  Cheers!

I talked with Gary about my own adventuring experience and how although I’ve given myself a long window of time (4-months) to see the northern states, it seems like I’m not spending the time I want to actually FEEL like a place has been seen.  He offered a great bit of advice:

“Let go of the remorse of what you haven’t seen and relish in what you have.”

That Gary, so wise.

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7 thoughts on “#AdventuresCollide

  1. Well, this adventure is one I’m happy I was not with you, what with my seasick. I got queasy just reading it, brought back all the memories! Anyway, sounds and looks so incredibly beautiful. What a journey. Definitely one you won’t forget. I just can’t get over that is land, those photos on FB were so amazing. THAT
    I am jealous of. Lol. ❤


  2. Love the watercolor. So much depth, openess, freedom and center. Glad to hear you are doing well and ‘living’ out your journey. hugs, gee


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